Thank you for this truly wonderful book. I almost read the whole thing in one sitting and I didn't realise I had nearly finished. It was compelling and so well written and such a joy and so essential to spend time in these vibrations. It has really lifted my spirit. Today I read the final pages and I felt such gratitude that you had written this book about our magnificence. Thank you for your honesty and your ability to live with courage, honesty and resilience and perseverance so that you could bring through this stunning message. It is so needed. You have been so brave and dedicated and you live your message. Great love and thanks and awe and admiration. You have such a generous and great soul and the voice in the book is genuine, authentic and truly you.

Pauline Taylor: Healer, Teacher Trainer and Author.

I finished reading your book over the weekend and wanted to let you know not only how much I enjoyed it but how impressed I was (it’s as good as anything I’ve read by Eckhart Tolle or Brian Weiss).  Probably better, because of your courageousness in sharing Alice’s story. Over the years, I’ve been drawn to many of the topics discussed in your book – but I don’t think I’ve seen them all linked together in one place. Now I understand why I’m interested in reincarnation and quantum physics and, just lately, for some reason have been thinking about cellular memory!

Christina ( Christchurch)

What a truly magical, inspiring and uplifting read, I finished your book last night. What a story... I feel that this will touch so many people and help them to understand the journey of the soul and inspire them to reach into their own magic and limitlessness. I would like you to pass on my love and admiration to your daughter Alice, she is an incredible soul and her journey here will touch and release so many people. What a gift to us all.


I just want to say how absorbing and enjoyable your book is. I feel it is a very layered experience as I read it. As the Records were open as you wrote, it feels they were open as I read somehow. It's like a window into my own lifetimes is allowing me to peek through, and I am experiencing guidance and insights as you speak... Yes, it does feel like you are speaking the written words to me. It is a kind of multidimensional and mystical journey into myself as I read about everyone else! I think it is a very potent work with power to create change in the lives of those that read it. I have been asking for guidance and your book has provided it, how great is the Universe! Thank you for the key to this magical doorway, and thank you for being brave enough to share your story.


Having been on a spiritual journey for some time now, I’ve read quite a number of books over the years. Two of them stand out for me as ones that provided useful learning and helped me gain greater understanding. The first was Many Lives Many Masters which I read several years ago, and the second was Chris’s book. Although I’ve been trained by Chris in the Akashic Records and have been using them for over a year, by the end of Chapter 5 I contacted Chris to tell her that what I had read already had increased my level of understanding considerably. I was truly amazed by the information she shares. I believe that a common need for people is to gain insight into life and its many mysteries, which is one of the reasons why the book Man’s Search for Meaning, written 70 years ago, is still deemed to be one of the most influential books. What Chris shares in The Magic of the Akashic Records provides in-depth answers to people seeking the meaning of their life. Even if people are unfamiliar with the spiritual realm, I think they would benefit from the knowledge shared within the book, as quite simply, everything Chris says makes sense.

Kim Chamberlain

Have just been reading your book and hearing your voice through the words. I can't really put into words how I am feeling at this point. My skeptic side is saying, 'Yeah but' and there is the other presumably more spiritual side saying 'Amazing!' I am about half way through and still want to keep reading. Unheard of for me with this kind of book and topic. Thank you.

Old school friend

What others are saying:

  1. I've meant to tell you how much I'm enjoying your book. Utterly inspiring! It's so beautifully written, authentic and moving. I feel it will be an exemplar for how I'll have to write mine when the time comes ...

  2. I love, love love the upgrading you gave the book since I saw it last. It is a winner!!!!!!

  3. I am sooo impressed!! I love your book!! I haven't finished it yet, but I am absolutely loving it. Your honesty, integrity, wisdom and love are so amazing and I'm so happy to know you!!

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