The Magic of the Akashic Records

Read the compelling story of how her daughter's mental illness

led Chris Wilson to the Akashic Records: the soul library with

details of every thought, feeling and experience we have ever

had in our lifetimes. The Akashic Records with their healing

energy and soul information were just what Chris needed to heal

and to transform her life.

Chris's own family story is interwoven with those of clients,

and extracts from readings set against the back drop of a changing

consciousness on Earth.

The Magic of the Akashic Records will help you merge with your soul and to

  1. Let go of fear and come home to love.

  2. Understand that when we face human challenges, on a soul level all is perfect.

  3. Go from 'tragic to magic'!

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From Tragic to Magic! Chris Wilson is a teacher of History, Conscious Parenting and now Soul History. A mother of three young-adult children, she lives in Wellington, New Zealand with her husband, Martin. Her career has taken her from High Schools to prisons, Alternative Education, soul counseling, running workshops and writing. A common thread in her working life has been the empowerment of others by promoting self-awareness and acceptance and facilitating healing from within. The Akashic Records have taken Chris's work to a new level. With her gift for accessing the Records she has helped many people to see themselves from a soul perspective. Chris is passionate about the Akashic Records and the many ways we can use their magic to improve our lives.

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